Cargo port with sea view, Drummond Ltd's operation in Santa Marta, Colombia


Oil and mineral production have been economically significant in Colombia, which now aims to transition beyond the extractive industries.

Photo by Juan Camilo Rodríguez for NRGI
Photo by Juan Camilo Rodríguez for NRGI

In Colombia, oil and coal exploitation account for more than half of exports and are important sources of revenue, especially for producing regions. Energy transition is a major challenge, and requires a broad consensus both fiscally (to replace the income generated by oil and coal) and productively (to consolidate and diversify other sectors of the economy). The country must also prioritize just transition processes in producing regions.

NRGI works with civil and state actors concerned with the energy transition, developing analysis and technical proposals for the discussion of new policies that embody better governance standards and prioritize social and environmental justice. NRGI supports the construction of a just energy transition in Colombia by strengthening capabilities, enhancing citizen participation, and including the voices of those beyond the capital.

Cerrejón, mina de carbón, La Guajira, Colombia

Resource Governance Index

The RGI assessed the governance of Colombia's oil and gas sectors and mining sector.