Open pit gold mine in Mongolia


Mining-dependent Mongolia seeks to maintain critical revenues and diversify both its economy and domestic energy mix.

Photo by DieterMeyrl for Getty Images
Photo by DieterMeyrl for Getty Images

Mongolia’s mining sector is a crucial driver of its economy. Its abundant supplies of coal, copper concentrate, gold and iron ore are significant sources of export revenue. But as the world seeks to decarbonize, the future of Mongolia’s extractive sector is in question. The government has ambitious plans to cut emissions, but the country’s economy and future development plans still rely heavily on coal mining.  

The extractives industries offer a promising opportunity for Mongolia to prosper and tackle social challenges. Whether citizens benefit depends on reforms that are more transparent and inclusive.  

In Mongolia NRGI works closely with officials, parliamentarians, journalists and civil society actors. Program goals include improving governance of influential state mining companies, fighting corruption, promoting transparency, and identifying inclusive pathways for greening the sector. NRGI advocates for improved debt management and the investment of mining revenues for the equitable benefit of citizens.   

Aerial view of the gold mine camp in Burgede, Mongolia

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The RGI assessed the governance of Mongolia's mining sector.