The Africa Regional Extractive Industries Knowledge Hub (AFREIKH), launched in May 2021, is a partnership between the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and Strathmore University’s Law School, based in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of AFREIKH is to address knowledge gaps in the oil, gas and mining sectors in Africa through training, research and evidence-based policy engagement, with the ultimate objective of improving governance of the extractives sector.

Africa’s mineral, oil and gas wealth has the potential to be a major source of investment and government revenues. Despite this potential, decades of governance challenges and deficits in the sector have impeded on many African countries’ ability to harness this wealth and transform it into sustainable socio-economic development. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the governance challenges in many countries. As the energy transition accelerates globally, many resource-rich countries in Africa risk being left behind, and could be negatively impacted, if governments don’t make plans to adapt to the transition and leverage its potential, with demand for “critical minerals” needed for greener energy increasing dramatically.
At a time when policymakers, governments, civil society and companies seek to address the effects of the global pandemic, reviewing Africa’s governance approach to natural resources is even more essential. Institutions and civil society actors must adjust to the new context as reforms mitigate the impacts.
AFREIKH aims to increase and strengthen the knowledge and expertise of government officals, civil society organisation staff, legislators and policymakers. The hub will provide research, skills-based training and policy engagement opportunities, and will link knowledge with practice. It will equip African extractive actors and leaders with additional tools and knowledge to meaningfully engage in key governance processes and on how to steer the continent towards a sustainable future. NRGI has over a decade of experience operating regional knowledge hubs, global courses and online learning platforms. The Anglophone African hub has been designed to suit the unique contemporary and future governance challenges of the extractives sector facing the African continent.
AFREIKH courses and research will govern topics including:
  • Fundamentals of extractives sector governance
  • Legal and policy framework governing the extractives sector
  • Extractive revenue governance and contribution to sustainable development
  • Environmental, social and health protection
  • Climate change, energy transition and the future of extraction
  • Management of oil and gas infrastructure
AFREIKH’s first offering will be a summer school which will run virtually between July and September 2021, facilitated by a team of leading natural resource governance experts from all over the world. For more on how to participate in this course visit the AFREIKH site.