NRGI and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) partner to offer an annual course open to civil society organizations, policymakers, community relations professionals, central government officials, regional and local leaders, community leaders and professionals involved in oil, gas and mining.

The course has two phases: an on-site two-week course and a distance-learning phase over a 6-month period, after which participants receive a certified diploma. The curriculum combines a review of industry profiles for participants' countries/regions with expert analysis presented in intensive classroom sessions. An exchange of ideas through panel discussions, question-and-answer periods and case study reviews round out the course.

Past participants have come from Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and Equatorial Guinea.


Students commence the course in July of each year. Between July and the residential phase in November, they submit written reviews of set readings and participate in virtual discussion forums. After the two-week residential phase, students submit an analysis paper such as a policy review with recommendations or alternatives in order to earn their diploma.

Course structure

The residential phase is made up of modules that cover the extractive industries value chain. Each module includes:

i. General concepts (theory and practice)
ii. Comparative analysis of current situations (from the region and beyond)
iii. Case studies from the region
iv. Policy labs to analyze regional case studies
v. Plenary discussions and conclusions

The course combines individual work with group exercises and projects. These group efforts benefit from the diversity and range of member experiences. Online activities promote participants' autonomy in the learning process.

Discussion fora

Web fora are included in all phases of the course. They are a space to reflect on issues such as analysis, management and resolution of environmental conflicts. The fora also facilitate easy communication between participants and teachers. The Pontifical Catholic University’s virtual campus, PAIDEIA, provides the online venue for the fora.

For more information on the course, please write to [email protected], check PUCP’s training course page or see NRGI’s course event page.

Course materials

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