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Key Online Publications

ESMAP – World Bank – Experiences with Oil Funds: Institutional and Financial Aspects (2006)

IDS – The Political Economy of Stabilisation Funds: Measuring Their Success in Resource-Dependent Countries (2011)

Institute of Economics (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) - Fiscal Institutions in Resource-Rich Economies: Lessons from Chile and Norway (2012)

IMF – Fiscal Frameworks for Resource Rich Developing Countries (2012)

IMF – Guide on Resource Revenue Transparency (2007)

IMF – Macroeconomic Policy Frameworks for Resource-Rich Developing Countries (2012)

IMF – The Functions and Impact of Fiscal Councils (2013)

IWG – Sovereign Wealth Funds: Generally Accepted Principles and Practices (“Santiago Principles”)

Open Society Institute – Caspian Oil Windfalls: Who Will Benefit? (2003)

NRGI – Subnational Oil, Gas and Mineral Revenue Management (2013)

Santiago Compliance Index (2013)

Truman Sovereign Wealth Fund Scoreboard (2013)


Key Printed Publications

Bazoobandi, Sara, Political Economy of the Gulf Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Case Study of Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Routledge: New York (2012).

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