Oil pumps and wind turbines at sunset

Fossil fuel transition

Fossil fuels are not the future, but many countries lack concrete pathways beyond the production of oil, gas and coal.

Photo by vovashevchuk for Getty Images
Photo by vovashevchuk for Getty Images

Countries that are dependent on the production of fossil fuels for revenues are caught in the crosshairs of the energy transition. Continued investment in the extraction of oil and coal is a risk, as demand for these commodities is expected to decline in the long term. To attain economic resilience such countries should plan for a future beyond fossil fuels. At the same time, many lower-income producing countries also experience energy poverty, and face decisions about the right mix of hydrocarbons and renewables to power their development.  

NRGI supports officials and civil society actors in producing countries to negotiate pathways to a future independent of fossil fuel production. We also advise on nuanced decisions about gas-fueled power generation and the reforms required to achieve sustainable development.