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Contract Disclosure in Myanmar: A Guide for Implementing the New Requirements of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

  • Briefing

  • 16 January 2020

Disclosing the contracts signed between governments and oil, gas and mining companies is rapidly becoming standard practice around the world. To date, at least 44 countries around the globe have disclosed oil, gas and mining contracts. Starting in January 2021, all countries implementing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) including Myanmar will be required to disclose contracts.


NRGI has produced a booklet to provide guidance on why the Myanmar government should disclose extractive industries contracts and how to do it. The booklet covers:

  • The benefits and the extent of global trend around contract disclosure
  • Detailed description of the EITI requirements
  • Three common myths around contract disclosure
  • Steps the Myanmar government should take to implement contract disclosure