Oil, Gas and Mining for Development

A BBC investigation has concluded that a recent oil deal in Senegal showed signs of the potential for controversy and possible corruption. As a result, a businessman dogged by ethics questions will walk away with hundreds of millions. What can we learn from this unfortunate turn of events?

This report explores the Mongolian company’s recent unconstrained expansion to determine whether it serves the best interest of the state and the Mongolian people. 

In many oil-producing countries, the national oil company (NOC) sells vast quantities of the state’s oil and gas. The sale of a state’s non-renewable natural resource endowment is often a revenue stream that can have a significant impact on a country’s national budget and development. The authors of this briefing use data from NRGI’s new National Oil Company Database to examine the governance and corruption risks posed by NOCs' oil sales activities.

Top photo: Gas pipeline construction in the Peruvian Andes. Jean Gaumy / MAGNUM