Oil, Gas and Mining for Development


"State capture" is defined as the efforts of individuals or firms to shape the formation of laws, policies, and regulations of the state to their own advantage by providing illicit private gains to public officials. This page hosts the work of NRGI experts on state capture and its effects, along with news coverage of such work.

This briefing is explores ways company disclosures can be used by government, civil society, media and other oversight actors to better understand the revenues generated within Ghana’s gold sector and use this new data source as an accountability tool within the country.

Natural resources represent a potentially transformational opportunity to support development. In this 12-week course produced by NRGI, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment and the World Bank, learn about efforts to sustainably manage extractive industry investments from internationally recognized experts in resource governance, including NRGI staff. The course launched 9 September.

Photo by Michael Christopher Brown / MAGNUM