Betting big on natural gas comes with risks and tradeoffs, especially as the world moves away from fossil fuels; some countries could become locked into dirty, outdated and high-priced domestic energy systems. This first module in a five-part toolkit for government officials, researchers, activists, campaigners and journalists focuses on implications for gas producers of the energy transition and climate change.

In a new episode of NRGI's podcast, NRGI Africa co-director Silas Olan'g is joined by Crystol Energy CEO Carole Nakhle and Theophilus Acheampong, economist and political risk analyst, to discuss the implications of recent shifts in energy markets for gas-producing African countries, with an eye toward COP27.

The energy transition is essential to diversify the energy mix of North African countries and build their resilience to the impact of global warming. These French-language briefings examine the challenges and opportunities the countries in the region could face.