NRGI's Ana Carolina González Espinosa speaking at COP27 conference

Working at NRGI


At NRGI, our mission is to support informed, inclusive decision-making about natural resources and the energy transition. To accomplish our mission, we seek to hire bright and motivated professionals with a passion for making change.  

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NRGI is a globally oriented, locally rooted organization spanning the Global South and North: in total we are approximately 80 team members based in 19 countries. In all of our offices, and remotely, colleagues engage with a variety of partners: government officials, private sector executives, community leaders, staff at other NGOs, journalists and a wide array of vendors and consultants.

We invite people of all identities, including those from marginalized groups, to come together in support of our mission. We strive for an NRGI where colleagues can be themselves at work, feel that they belong, and are equipped to succeed. Achieving meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion—together—is among our highest priorities. To that end, we have focused on building a culture in which all colleagues can engage in meaningful dialogue—and change—to help us be the welcoming and enabling organization to which we aspire.

NRGI team members enjoy a range of excellent employment benefits. These include:

  • Generous pension contributions
  • Two-week year-end closure (in addition to paid annual leave), during which all work stops and colleagues are encouraged to rest and recover
  • Provision of personal days (in addition to paid annual leave) so that team members can attend to personal matters without taking annual leave
  • 20 days of paid annual leave (in addition to the two-week year-end office closure)
  • Access to private health insurance
  • Range of professional development opportunities, including the opportunity to apply for cost-free access to NRGI’s course offerings, allowing colleagues to deepen their own knowledge of resource governance
  • Flexible working
  • Two-month paid sabbatical (in addition to paid annual leave) after ten years of service

NRGI team members both come from and move on to sector-leading institutions and organizations. Colleagues have joined us from prominent national and international employers in the governance, natural resource and climate spheres. Former NRGI colleagues now work at the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, OCCRP, Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development, green energy initiatives, government ministries, mining companies and prominent NGOs.

Motivated by a passion for change

NRGI colleagues strive to embody five key attributes:

  • integrity
  • rigor
  • collaboration
  • passion
  • impact

Beyond these essential values, NRGI colleagues have a broad range of motivations for working here. Meet some colleagues and hear their stories: