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NRGI’s Top 10 Blog Posts in 2016

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  • 13 December 2016

NRGI’s blog—which showcases the breadth of expertise of a global team and delves into the most pressing issues in resource governance—received thousands of unique visits this year.

Readers favored detailed long-reads posing provocative and original questions, analytical pieces on highly complex topics and output tied to breaking news and global events in the transparency space. These included posts testing a model for monitoring Ghanaian oil revenue, parsing Zambia’s new mining tax regime, and linking the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative to the massive Panama Papers leak. Three of the most-read posts concerned the Anti-Corruption Summit held in London in May.

As 2016 draws to a close, read—or reread—this collection of NRGI’s most popular editorial output, starting with the most-visited post.

1. An Analysis of Ghana's 2015 Oil Revenue Performance: Testing the Model

2. Zambia's New Mining Tax Regime May Fail the Test of Time

3. How the Panama Papers, EITI and a Global Register Could Change the Policy Impact of Beneficial Ownership Data

4. What You Didn't Hear About EITI Last Week: Six New Elements of the 2016 Standard and Their Potential for Impact

5. Might the U.K. and the U.S. Exhibit Leadership in Addressing State Capture and Legal (as well as Illegal) Corruption?

6. Oil, Order and Diversification in Libya

7. Summit Supercharges Anticorruption Work, But We Must Aim Higher

8. Paradox of Plenty, Redux: Azerbaijan Grapples with Low Oil Prices

9. Extracting Trends and Truths from Oil, Gas and Mining Contracts: Text Analytics and

10. Who Committed to What in Extractives at the U.K. Anti-Corruption Summit?

And three of NRGI’s most-read blogs in 2016 showed a curiously long shelf life: they were published in 2015. They are:

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