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Sustainable and Responsible Critical Mineral Supply Chains

This webinar, featuring reaction from experts including NRGI's Matthieu Salomon, presented the key findings of Sustainable and Responsible Critical Mineral Supply Chains: Guidance for Policy Makers and the Critical Minerals Policy Tracker 2023

The event began with remarks from the Critical Minerals Working Party’s ESG Task Force, followed by a detailed presentation by the IEA Office of Legal Counsel. The report offers five recommendations for policy makers for creating sustainable and responsible supply chains and delves into key areas such as water management, emissions, biodiversity, human rights, communities, and corruption. It is complemented by the latest update to the Policy Tracker, which includes over 200 new laws, regulations, and policies with a special focus on environmental, social and governance issues.

Salomon emphasized the importance of enforcement of laws targeting corruption in mining; the key role of independent monitoring in the sector; and the importance of acknowledging and mitigating corruption risk and disruption to supply chains.


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