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#CivicTechFest (Policy Impacts of Extractives Data in Asia session)

12 September 2017 9:30PM CDT

  • Conference

  • Ending 10:30PM CDT

NRGI is organizing this session, part of the larger #CivicTechFest

Policy Impacts of Extractives Data in Asia

9:30 am-10:30 am
4F Elegance

This session will discuss how open data is catalyzed to inform  reforms in the oil, gas and mining sectors.

The Natural Resource Governance Institute will address this question by drawing from its work and partners in Asia. In Myanmar, we will explore how open data and published reports on "conflict minerals," especially jade and gemstones, are being transformed into interactive portal and visuals, leveraged for policy dialogue with the decision-makers, and used to mobilize the media and civil society as they engage in the development of a new mineral law and the institutional overhaul of Myanmar Gemstone Enterprise (MGE), a state-owned company.

In the Philippines, an NRGI partner will describe how the disclosure of mining contracts and payments to sub-national governments is catalyzing community participation in the management of local share in mining revenues while being used in doing fiscal modeling on large mining projects with huge environmental and social costs.

The discussion will also address questions on approaches and scaling up multi-stakeholder use of open data to sustain the impacts to extractive policy-making and implementation. 

Gavin Hayman (@GavinHayman_GW), Open Contracting Partnership executive director, NRGI advisory council member