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Governance of Resource Revenues: Transparency and Accountability

19 December 2018 9:00AM EDT

  • Event

  • Ending 2:45PM EDT

Holiday Inn
Moscow Room
Keykab Khanim
Safaraliyeva Street 5

Governance of Resource Revenues: Transparency and Accountability, a daylong event in Baku on 19 December from Eurasia Hub and supported Khazar University and the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), will present research on state-owned enterprise SOCAR, Azerbaijan's fiscal rules, Azerbaijan's ranking in the Resource Governance Index and also the Open Budget Index, and other topics relevant to resource governance in the country. Both the 10 a.m. and noon sessions are followed by discussion periods.

An abbreviated schedule follows:

9 am-10 am
Opening remarks
  • Galib Efendiev, NRGI Eurasia director
  • Ingilab Akhmadov, Eurasia Extractive Industries Knowledge Hub, Khazar University
  • Sabit Bagirov, Entrepreneurship Development Foundation president

10 am-11:45 am
State-Owned Oil Company Case Studies: SOCAR

  • Samir Aliyev, Economic Forum senior analyst
Fiscal Rules: Opportunities and Risks for Azerbaijan (Read this analysis in Azerbaijani)

  • Rovshan Agayev, "Support for Economic Initiatives" Public Union

11:45 am-noon

Noon-1:45 pm
The Resource Governance Index's Lessons for Azerbaijan (Read this analysis in Azerbaijani)

  • Ingilab Akhmadov

The Open Budget Index's Lessons for Azerbaijan (Read this analysis in Azerbaijani

  • Azer Mehtiyev, Azerbaijan State University of Economics professor

Baku, Azerbaijan