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Open Government Partnership 2015 Global Summit

26 October–29 October 2015

  • Conference

  • Starting 1:15PM

  • Ending 1:15PM EDT

  • Online

  • Applications closed

NRGI team members from around the world joined around 1,500 participants the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Mexico City from October 26 through October 29. Through workshops, panel discussions, plenaries, gatherings and instructional sessions, attendees focused on the positive impact of open, accountable, transparent government and closely examined key governance challenges. Take a look back at the continuing conversation via #OGP15.

Good governance in the natural resource sector is critical to people’s welfare and environmental sustainability. The OGP Openness in Natural Resources (ONR) Working Group, which NRGI co-chaired, aims to advance collective understanding of how greater openness and participation in decision-making can improve the management of natural resources, transform quality of life and mitigate environmental and social impacts. As #OGP15 opened, the working group published a report giving an overview of OGP natural resource commitments and an executive summary of that document.

On October 26, NRGI led a free, daylong hackathon and data dive on natural resources and the extractives sector, along with the launch of

On October 27, NRGI COO Suneeta Kaimal took part in a discussion on effectively using tools and tactics to protect civic space. NRGI Latin America director Carlos Monge talked about increased transparency around environmental issues in the oil, gas and mining sectors.

On October 28, governance officer Marie Lintzer moderated a panel on making critical and meaningful use of extractives data and how to standardize it to maximize usability. Immediately afterward, Kaimal led a discussion on the importance of developing meaningful open government partnership commitments for women for better development outcomes. Watch all of the plenary sessions from that day below.

To jump directly to the inauguration and co-chair speeches, click here. (Timestamp 3:25:10 - 4:14:11) A full transcript of Kaimal’s opening remarks at #OGP15 is available here.

On the last day of the conference, Kaimal took part in a discussion on the importance of disclosing natural resource data to advance governance issues. The plenaries from that day are available below.

To jump directly to the natural resource governance panel, click here. (Timestamp 1:43:03 - 2:26:09)

Read on for a full slate of NRGI’s activities at #OGP15.

Monday, 26 October | 10am-6pm
Pre-summit event: Data Dive on Natural Resources and the Extractive Industries
Telmex Hub
Featuring Anders Pedersen, David Mihalyi and Chris Perry

Monday, 26 October | 6pm-8pm
Pre-summit event: Launch of
Hotel Downtown
Featuring Anders Pederson and David Mihalyi

Tuesday, 27 October | 9am-9.25am
OGP Civil Society Day: Introduction
Palacio de Minería
Featuring Suneeta Kaimal

Tuesday, 27 October | 2pm-3.30pm
OGP Civil Society Day: Stick and Move: Adapting to Restrictions on Civic Space
Palacio de Minería
Featuring Suneeta Kaimal

Tuesday, 27 October | 3.30pm-5 pm
Civil Society Day: Transparencia en el sector extractivo en América Latina: hacia mayor información ambiental y social sobre la actividad petrolera, gasífera y minera
Palacio de Minería
Featuring Carlos Monge

Wednesday, 28 October | 12pm-12.30pm
OGP Global Summit: Open Government Awards | Inauguration
Palacio de Minería
Featuring Suneeta Kaimal

Wednesday, 28 October | 3pm-4pm
OGP Global Summit: From Data to Delivery: Tools for Advancing Natural Resource Disclosure
Palacio de Minería
Featuring Marie Lintzer, David Mihalyi and Samuel Bekoe

Wednesday, 28 October | 4pm-5pm
OGP Global Summit: Engaging Gender on OGP Commitments
Palacio de Minería
Featuring Suneeta Kaimal

Thursday, 29 October | 10am-11am
OGP Global Summit: Disclosing Natural Resource Data to Advance Governance
Palacio de Minería
Featuring Suneeta Kaimal

Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico Peru
Latin America