Two men sitting on the riverside in Saint Louis, Senegal


Senegal’s imminent gas production places it in a unique position amid the global energy transition. It also has large reserves of phosphate and gold.

Photo by Carsten ten Brink for Climate Visuals
Photo by Carsten ten Brink for Climate Visuals

Among Senegal’s priorities for economic development are leveraging its mineral wealth, developing renewable energy sources, and expanding exploitation of large, offshore natural gas reserves. 

Senegalese officials hope that the extraction of gas will both power the country, replacing diesel as a main source of fuel for electricity, and boost export revenues. The government has also committed to a just and equitable energy transition, and to investing in renewable energy—wind in particular. In this transition context, NRGI is working with civil society organizations, the media and authorities to ensure robust policy frameworks, avoidance of long-term gas dependency, and benefits for local populations. 

Dakar port with storage tanks in the background

Resource Governance Index

The RGI assessed the governance of Senegal's mining and hydrocarbon sectors.