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The Case for Publishing Indonesian Mining Agreements

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The disclosure of contracts and licenses in the extractive industries is a rapidly growing global norm. There are now over 44 countries that have disclosed at least some extractive industry contracts or licenses, and the new EITI Standard makes it a requirement for all implementing countries to publish contracts and licenses that are granted, entered into or amended after 1 January 2021. This reflects a growing recognition among governments, the private sector and civil society organizations that disclosure of these documents helps to improve governance of natural resources and contributes to a more stable investment climate.

In Indonesia, long-standing advocacy by civil society has resulted in notable advances. In 2011, a decision by the Central Information Commission declared that mining contracts are open documents and a 2016 decision by the Supreme Court declared that IUP licenses are also open documents. Together with a new EITI requirement for the publication of contracts and licenses, these decisions provide the groundwork for the government of Indonesia to develop disclosure practices that will position the country at the forefront of a global trend. This brief explains why Indonesia should proactively publish these important documents, gives an overview of the documents that it should make public, and suggests a path for making publication a reality.