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Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Revenues: Using Payments to Governments Data for Accountability

Under mandatory disclosure laws in the European Union, Canada and Norway, companies listed or incorporated in these countries must disclose the payments they make to government entities for their extractive activities. Under these laws, seventeen international oil and gas companies have reported over $15 billion in payments to Indonesian government entities since 2014.

This report explores some of the ways this timely source of payment data can be used as an accountability tool. Civil society organizations, media outlets, government officials, parties to Indonesia’s Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and oversight actors can use payment data in combination with other data sources to:

  • Verify the size and recipient of oil and gas project signature bonuses
  • Estimate and verify the revenue that local and regional government entities should receive from an oil and gas project that operates in their region
  • Estimate and verify the government’s share of production from a project under the new gross split production-sharing contract (PSC) model