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December 2022 News and Analysis from NRGI

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  • 31 December 2022


The Resource Remix: Equity in Energy Transitions - COP27 Takeaways for Resource-Rich Countries

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In a new episode of NRGI's podcast, advisor Antonio Hill converses with interim Africa director Nafi Chinery and Isabel Cavelier, Colombian climate activist and founder of Mundo Commun. They discuss how resource-rich developing countries can proceed after COP27 and heading into 2023. Available on YouTubeSoundCloudSpotifyApple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

NRGI’s Ten Most-Read 2022 Blog Posts
NRGI's most-read blog posts from 2022 focused on achieving good governance of natural resources and just transitions away from fossil fuels. The most widely read concerned Colombia's President Gustavo Petro and his plans for energy transition.

NRGI’s Ten Most-Played 2022 Multimedia
This year NRGI complemented its traditional output of reports, briefings and commentary with more content in non-textual audio and video formats. 

NRGI’s Ten Most-Read 2022 Publications
Some of NRGI's most-read publications this year focused on governing the minerals needed for the energy transition.

Preventing Corruption in Energy Transition Mineral Supply Chains


Experts have issued an urgent call for reforms to tackle the pressing issue of corruption in transition mineral supply chains, and a set of relevant guidelines. Learn how NRGI worked with a diverse range of partners to develop key recommendations for tackling corruption in this space, and what the expert group plans next in this post.

12ème session de l’Université d’été sur la gouvernance des industries extractives en Afrique francophone
The 12th edition of the NRGI and CEGIEAF Francophone Africa resource governance summer school will take place 17-28 July 2023. Applications are now open and a limited number of scholarships are available. Meanwhile past course participants have shared the knowledge and tools they acquired in the new French-language magazine La Voix des Participants.

Zainab Usman Joins NRGI’s Governing Board

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Year-end Greetings from NRGI President and CEO Suneeta Kaimal
Last week Suneeta Kaimal shared her reflections on 2022 with NRGI's friends and partners.

Blog posts

CSDD Directive: Is the EU Opening the Door for Corruption?
On International Anticorruption Day, NRGI's Matthieu Salomon and Transparency Madagascar's Ketakandriana Rafitoson called on the EU to strengthen its corporate sustainability due diligence directive to ensure effectiveness in tackling corruption and transforming the planetary impact of EU companies. (Also available in French.)

Together at Last: Reflections on In-Person Learning in the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Reflections and participant perspectives from the in-person 2022 executive resource governance course held with the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. 

Données ouvertes : éléments clés pour promouvoir la transparence, la redevabilité et l’information du public dans le secteur minier
This French-language post explores how civil society organizations in Guinea, with NRGI, are promoting wider use of extractive sector data by citizens to strengthen accountability, transparency and anticorruption efforts.


COP27 Stocktake: What Is the Role Of Fossil Fuels In Africa’s Energy Transition?

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NRGI's Aaron Sayne joined the Center for Global Development and OECD Development Centre roundtable this month to discuss the role of fossil fuels in Africa’s energy transition, as well as climate change adaptation and finance in Africa. Watch the recording

IACC 2022: Building the Path Towards a Fair and Sustainable Future
Suneeta Kaimal spoke at the International Anti-Corruption Conference 2022 plenary on building a fair and sustainable future. Read the highlights.

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