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Infographic: Exploring Myanmar’s Fourth EITI Report

Myanmar has since 2014 been a candidate country in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), an international standard for good governance of oil, gas and mineral resources. It requires member countries to disclose information on who owns exploration and production licenses, the volume and value of production and exports, and the amount of revenue authorities have collected and how they are managing that money.
Myanmar has published four EITI reports to date, covering oil and gas, gemstones, minerals and pearl. (The forestry sector will be included in the upcoming fifth report).
We’ve produced an infographic (in English and Myanmar language) that provides key highlights from Myanmar’s fourth EITI report, covering the fiscal year 2016/17. It features analysis on several points, including these three key topics:
  • Discrepancies between government and company payments records, with the differential in the mineral sector the highest. 
  • Inadequate participation of military-owned companies in Myanmar’s EITI process, accounting for over 90 percent of unreconciled discrepancies in the jade sector.
  • Undervaluation or underreporting of gemstones and mineral production, resulting in significant underpayment of tax.
Hosana Chay is a Myanmar officer with the Natural Resource Governance Institute.