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Myanmar Updates from NRGI - October 2016

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  • 18 October 2016

NRGI's Myanmar newsletter is your source for news and insight into the country's oil, gas and mining industries. To view this email in Myanmar language, please click here.

New this month Sustaining Myanmar's EITI Candidacy

Myanmar's new government recognized the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) as a priority in its July national economic policy. But time is running short to preserve Myanmar's good standing in the initiative. EITI candidate countries are required to submit a plan for disclosing company's beneficial owners by 2017. NRGI and Global Witness have developed new guidance on beneficial ownership to support this process in Myanmar. Read more.

Spotlight on data

Parsing Myanmar's First EITI Report

Myanmar's first EITI report shed unprecedented light on the country's oil, gas and mining industries. We explain which numbers matter most -- and why.

In case you missed it

NRGI Reports on Myanmar's Oil, Gas and Mining Industries

Gilded Gatekeepers

As Myanmar seeks to build more modern and open oil, gas and mining industries, the state-owned economic enterprises (SEEs) active in these areas will play a critical role. NRGI's report outlines the activities of Myanmar's extractive SEEs and highlights opportunities for reform.

Click here for the full report or a summary.

Sharing the Wealth

Myanmar's government has committed to "work to ensure a fair distribution across the country of the profits from natural resource extraction." NRGI's report discusses considerations for sharing natural resource revenues based on international experience:

Click here for the full report or a summary.