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Corruption in Critical Mineral Supply Chains: Impeding Sustainable Development and Disrupting Security of Supply (OECD Integrity Forum)

25 May 2023 4:00AM CEST

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  • Ending 5:15AM CEST

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Meeting the Paris Agreement climate goals will require a quadrupling of the minerals currently used by clean energy technologies by 2040. Corruption could undermine the mining and metals sector’s ability to meet this surging demand responsibly—if at all. Many players in today’s critical mineral supply chains are assuming new roles and negotiating unprecedented deals. As a result, companies are managing unfamiliar corruption risks, and regulators and oversight actors are struggling to keep up. This session highlighted current challenges and best practices for mitigating corruption risks and perspectives on how governments can incentivize responsible behaviour and support efforts to combat corruption across the mineral supply chain.

  • Juhani Grossmann, Basel Institute on Governance
  • Hannah Koep-Andrieu OECD
  • Gay Ordenes, Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative
  • Matthieu Salomon, Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • Maja de Vibe, Statkraft

Photo by longtaildog for Shutterstock

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