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The Downside of Globalization: Corruption and the International Order

15 February 2018 9:00AM CEST

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  • Ending 11:00AM CEST

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) organized a seminar on corruption and international politics in collaboration with Transparency International Sweden. NRGI president and CEO Daniel Kaufmann delivered a keynote presentation at the gathering. This public lecture was part of UI's "Corruption and World Order" series.  

The 15 February session highlighted that democratic values are under threat, transparency initiatives are under attack, and civic space is shrinking in many industrialized and developing countries, weakening accountability. Geopolitical and commercial considerations are dominating human rights factors in international foreign policy. Kaufmann also spoke about these matters in an UI podcast.  

The session sought to answer a number of questions: What does the evidence show about trends in governance and corruption around the world?  How costly is corruption and which manifestations pose a major threat? Is corruption in reality becoming “legalized” in international affairs? Are some sectors and regions particularly vulnerable, requiring special attention?  What are the implications of the shift in global leadership on governance and corruption matters?

Keynote speech and presentation
Governance, Transparency and Corruption Matters: an Evidence-Based Approach at the Global and National Level

  • Daniel Kaufmann, NRGI president and CEO 
  • James Lynch, Transparency International's deputy director of the Defence & Security Program 
  • Johan Engvall, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) researcher
Mats Karlsson, Swedish Institute of International Affairs director