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Eurasia Media Course on Extractives

1 March–31 March 2017

  • Training

  • Starting 9:00AM

  • Ending 5:00PM EDT

  • Online

  • Registration closed

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Dates are tentative. 

The Natural Resource Governance Institute is announcing a call for applications for early to mid-career journalists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine for a Eurasia Media Course on Extractives. The aim of the program is to increase the skills and knowledge of journalists interested in investigating extractive industries and state-owned enterprises in their countries. NRGI believes an informed media is essential for proper management of extractive resources and revenues: the media provides oversight and educates the public.

The program will have multiple stages, including distance learning and residential courses. After the residential course, journalists will have the chance to launch investigative projects and develop articles that will be supported by NRGI and its partner organizations.

How to apply

Interested journalists are required to fill out a survey in English or Russian. Applicants will be asked to provide up to three of their investigations done on extractives or similar topics.
Those selected for participation will then take a distance learning course designed by NRGI, Columbia University and the World Bank.
Journalists who successfully complete the distance learning course will be invited to the residential course, which is slated to take place in Istanbul in March 2017. Dates are tentative, so please check back for futher information. 


Both the online and residential courses will be conducted in either English and Russian.


The deadline for applications is 10 January 2017. For any additional information and questions, contact [email protected].

Istanbul, Turkey