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How Can Tanzania Best Harness Natural Resources for the Realization of its Development Goals?

26 August–30 August 2019

  • Training

  • Starting 2:00AM

  • Ending 11:00AM EAT

  • Online

  • Applications closed

REPOA, in collaboration with Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), invites members of civil society organizations, policy-makers and other extractive industry stakeholders in Tanzania to a new training, “How can Tanzania Best Harness Natural Resources for the Realization of its Development Goals?”

The hands-on “learning from practice” five-day workshop focuses on building the understanding of the institutions (policies, laws and regulations, governance frameworks and oversight institutions) that underpin the governance and development of the extractives sector in line with country’s development goals. The training aims to improve participants’ knowledge not only of policy options and tools to achieve these goals, but also the inherent challenges and opportunities.

The course content
The course modules focus on:

  • The legal, policy and institutional frameworks that underpin governance in Tanzania’s extractives sector
  • The fundamentals of oil, gas and mineral resource governance for inclusive and sustainable development, notwithstanding the key roles of women 
  • Identification of new insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with extractives governance for the implementation of the country’s industrialization plan

Applicant requirements
This workshop assumes prior knowledge of the extractives sector. It is specially designed for civil society members, policy-makers, researchers and other interested practitioners to deepen their engagement in the extractive industry, to support the development of the local expertise necessary to ensure that Tanzania maximises the benefits from its resources.

Applicant requirements include
  • Previous knowledge and understating of natural resource governance
  • Current engagement in the extractive sector in the country

Certificate of attendance
Participants will be required to actively participate in the whole course duration. Pre- and post-training quizzes will be administered to measure the level of knowledge acquisition. A certificate of attendance will only be awarded to participants according to the degree of their activeness in the workshop activities, and upon obtaining an acceptable score in the post-training assessment.

Applicants should submit:
  • A typed motivation letter stating how the knowledge gained from this workshop will be of use, how the workshop content fits the applicant’s current work focus and explaining how this training will help the applicant in their role
  • A detailed curriculum vitae
  • A confirmation of clearance from employer (for public employees)

Organizer(s) will cover conference costs. For other related costs kindly indicate in the application willingness of your organization to facilitate your participation.

The closing date for applications is 19 July.
Only successful applicants will be notified.

Women are highly encouraged to apply.

Completed application package should be submitted as e-mail attachments to REPOA at [email protected].

For further inquiries, please contact us:
The Executive Director, REPOA
157 Mgombani Street, Regent Estate
P.O. Box 33223, Dar es Salaam
Phone: (22) 2700083 / 0784 555 655 Fax: (22) 2775738
Email: [email protected]

REPOA undertakes and facilitates research, conducts and coordinates training, and promotes dialogue and development of policy for pro-poor growth and poverty reduction.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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