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Innovation and Diversification: Building Stronger Economies in Middle-Income Countries

20 September 2022

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  • Hybrid

Speakers included:


  • Lynda Aphing-Kouassi, founder and director of KAIZENE International (Moderator)
  • Akunna Cook, founder/CEO, Next Narrative Africa
  • Suneeta Kaimal, president and CEO, NRGI
  • Nangula Uaandja, chairperson and CEO, Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board
  • Moustapha Sow, CEO, SF Capital LTD.

Without a diversified economy, economic stagnation and wealth inequality can quickly become an issue for Middle Income Countries (MICs). For MICs, economic innovation is crucial to continued, and healthy, growth. The economies of many MICs, especially in Africa, are approached from an extractive point of view, and rely heavily on a smaller group of profit sources, but would benefit greatly from economic diversification. This panel, featuring industry leaders, discussed how cross-sector collaboration can help enact economic reforms that improve employment, GDP, and other quality of life indicators applying the country of Namibia as an example.

NRGI's Suneeta Kaimal joined the session to discuss the challenges that resource-dependent middle-income countries face and how countries can ease the burden of these challenges through economic diversification.

Partner: Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB)


New York City, U.S.

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