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Minería para un futuro bajo en carbono: oportunidades y desafíos para el desarrollo sostenible

4 June–5 June 2018

  • Conference

  • Starting 9:00AM

  • Ending 6:00PM SMT

  • Online

Av. Dag Hammarskjöld 3477, Vitacura
Celso Furtado

Please note that this is an invitation-only conference. 

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the World Bank and and GIZ is hosting Minería para un futuro bajo en carbono: oportunidades y desafíos para el desarrollo sostenible, which roughtly traslates to Mining for a Low-Carbon Future. NRGI Latin America director Carlos Monge will deliver a presentation civil socity demands for governance reforms related to relations between extractives and global warming, including how to reduce carbon emissions and negative environmental impacts. The presentation will also examine how this relates to the mining sector's capacity to respond to the new markets for metals required for green energy technology.

More on Monge's session is below. Visit the conference site for more detailed information. 

June 4

2 pm-3 pm
¿Desafíos para la minería del siglo XXI?: viejos y nuevos riesgos (Mining's Challenges in the 21st Century: Old and New Risks)


  • Michael Rösch, principal advisor, Regional Coordination for Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources, GIZ (Germany)
Challenges from a private-sector perspective 
  • Ana María Zamora, vice president, Asociación Colombiana de Minería
Chile mining sector challenges and the role of the Chilean Copper Commission 
  • Sergio Hernández, executive vice president, Comisión Chilena del Cobre
Institutional and regulatory changes
  • Carlos Monge
Santiago, Chile