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National Oil Companies: Roles, Governance and Risks in a Changing Future

13 October 2020 1:00PM MDT

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In this webinar, hosted by The Payne Institute for Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines, the Natural Resource Governance Institute’s Patrick Heller presented the results of recent and evolving work on national oil companies (NOCs).
NOCs play a central part in global oil markets, and a dominant role in their home economies. In spite of their importance, these companies have traditionally been poorly understood, and prone to opacity and misgovernance. The session presented NRGI’s National Oil Company Database – the world’s largest public repository of data on NOC operations, revenues, debts, fiscal contributions and performance. It drew on the data to highlight key areas of concern for governments and international institutions around NOC governance, stewardship of public resources and economic resilience amidst the global energy transition.

Watch it on Vimeo.