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Natural Resources: Deterring Corruption and Improving Commodities Trading Transparency

18 January 2018 6:15PM EDT

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  • Ending 8:00PM EDT

This event took place at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. View the host's page for this event here.

Payments related to commodity trading where companies purchase oil, gas and minerals from government entities are economically significant, but remain largely secretive and vulnerable to abuse. What can be done to improve transparency and deter corruption in commodity trading? What is the role of companies, home countries and producer governments in ensuring better development outcomes for poor countries?

Natural Resource Governance Institute president and CEO Daniel Kaufmann presented the findings of the Resource Governance Index and elaborated on key issues that are being debated at the global and national levels with regard to the governance of, and trade in, oil, gas, minerals and metals. (View his slides here.) This public lecture was organized in collaboration with the e-journal International Development Policy, NRGI and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)

The event started with welcoming remarks by the Swiss Development Cooperation and was moderated by International Development Policy editor-in-chief Gilles Carbonnier, a professor of international economics at the Graduate Institute and CCDP faculty associate. Discussion with the audience followed the presentation from Kaufmann.

The topic is linked to the research project on Curbing Illicit Financial Flows from Resource-rich Developing Countries: Improving Natural Resource Governance to Finance the SDGs. More information can be found in the NRGI briefing "Generating Government Revenue from the Sale of Oil and Gas: New Data and the Case for Improved Commodity Trading Transparency," here.

Swiss media outlets covered the topic in the days following the event: 
Prior to the event, Kaufmann sat down with Carbonnier to discuss the Resource Governance Index, corruption, state-owned enterprises and more.