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No Time to Waste: Governing Cobalt Amid the Energy Transition

6 April 2022 12:00PM EDT

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A global transition toward electromobility will require a huge scale-up in production of the mineral components of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This growth in demand can generate economic opportunities for countries rich in these minerals. Past mineral booms have often failed to translate into positive development outcomes, and instead can exacerbate corruption and harm communities close to mine sites.

Cobalt lies at the center of the global race for battery minerals, and the governance of its extraction has huge implications for the lives of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other low-income countries, and for the global effort to combat climate change. This webinar presented the findings of new research on key policy choices facing cobalt producing countries, and how governments and the international community can support better cobalt governance.

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  • Patrick Heller, Chief Program Officer at the Natural Resource Governance Institute and Senior Visiting Fellow at CLEE
  • Roger Vutsoro, Democratic Republic of Congo Country Manager at the Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • Ted Lamm, Senior Climate Research Fellow at CLEE