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NRGI-Policy Forum Breakfast Debate: How Mining Can Benefit Africa’s Citizens, Their Environment and the Energy Transition

24 November–25 November 2022

  • Event

  • Starting 11:30PM

  • Ending 1:30AM EAT

  • Online

  • Applications closed

7:30 - 9:30 am (EAT)

Live stream will be available here.

Africa’s mineral wealth is essential for the energy transition and for the hundreds of millions of people currently living in poverty in African mining countries. Whether and how governments and companies move to further extract this mineral wealth is not only economically and environmentally important for Africa, but also for the vital importance of protecting the world’s rapidly diminishing forests.

The world therefore needs a mining triple win: policies that can benefit Africa’s citizens, their environment, and the energy transition. These policies need to work for all if they are to work for any of them. But mining in Africa has been riddled with injustice. Humanity cannot afford to repeat the mistakes that have beset Africa’s mining in the past. To achieve a triple win, this time must be different.

At this NRGI - Policy Forum breakfast debate, speakers will share the findings of the NRGI study report on Africa's mineral wealth, and together with the audience, discuss and reflect on what this means for Tanzania and the potential transformation of the minerals sector that we face in the delicate context of climate change and the energy transition.

Speakers include:
  • Silas Olan'g, Africa energy transition advisor, NRGI
  • David Manley, lead economic analyst, energy transition, NRGI
  • Iman Hatibu, program officer, gender, advocacy and engagement, Policy Forum (Moderator)

To register your interest in attending the event, please contact NRGI's Moses Kulaba at [email protected].

Live stream will be available here.

More information to come soon.

Morena Hotel in Dodoma, Tanzania