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Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2019

28 May–31 May 2019

  • Conference

  • Starting 8:00AM

  • Ending 6:00PM EDT

  • Online

  • Applications closed

This event has concluded. 

Staff of the Natural Resource Governance Institute took part in the 2019 Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa, Canada. Below are the events they participated in. 

Tuesday, 28 May

Civil Society Day
10:30 a.m.-11:20 a.m.
Canada Hall 3, Shaw Centre
NRGI COO Suneeta Kaimal took part in a Steering Committee Space event. 

Putting Gender Equality at the Center of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
NRGI capacity development director Rebecca Iwerks took part in this discussion hosted by Global Affairs Canada. 

Wednesday, 29 May

Exploring the Gender Dimensions of Natural Resource Governance
1:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
NRGI's Rebecca Iwerks moderated this discussion, part of the larger Feminist Open Government Day. View the full agenda

Thursday, 30 May 

Open Government Commitments for Accountable and Gender-Responsive Natural Resource Governance
1:40 p.m.-3 p.m.
Room 214, Shaw Centre

NRGI COO Suneeta Kaimal takes the stage at 13:20. 

Through the experiences shared by women and men from resource rich countries, including Senegal and Dominican Republic, this session will explore five challenges at the intersection between women's rights and natural resource governance. Based on the lived experiences shared, and drawing on practitioner and academic research, the session aimed to put forward tangible proposals for gender transformative model national action plan (NAP) commitments to promote women’s meaningful participation in natural resource governance by: bridging the women’s rights and transparency movements; addressing negative impacts of the extractive sector on women through responsive local decision-making; ensuring that data is accessible and relevant to a diverse set of stakeholders, including women in extractive communities; and promoting resource allocation approaches that include, and would benefit, women.


  • Loriel Adonna Sanchez Ferreras, Extractive Industries Program Officer, Oxfam Dominican Republic
  • Charlotte Ornemark, Consultant, Publish What You Pay, United States
  • Carmen Canas, Senior Consultant, Development Gateway, Spain
  • Ian Thompson (@IFThomson), Policy Specialist, Extractive Industries, Oxfam Canada
  • Mark Robinson (@Mark_EITI), Executive Director, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Norway
  • Suneeta Kaimal (@suneetajan), Chief Operating Officer, Natural Resource Governance Initiative, United States
  • Teresa Viloria, CEFORMOMALI, Dominican Republic
  • Marieme Mbacke (@DkRtwiter), Publish What You Pay Senegal
  • Memory Kachambwa (@kachambwa), Executive Director, Femnet, Kenya
  • Leah Quinlan, Native Women’s Association of Canada
  • Waziri Adio (@Waziriadio), Nigeria EITI Secretariat
  • Leyla Chihuan (@LeylaChihuan), Deputy Speaker of the Congress, Peru
Implementing Open Contracting and Beneficial Ownership to Combat Corruption in Challenging Contexts
3:10 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Room 207, Shaw Centre

The session aimed to increase understanding by a range of stakeholders of structural and behavioral barriers to, and opportunities to enhance, inclusive participation in governance initiatives; and a shared strategy among reformers in open government about how to instigate reform to advance gender justice through the natural resource governance sector via OGP NAP commitments. This session would be relevant to government decision-makers and senior industry representatives, as well as academics, journalists, civil society activists and policy makers. 

  • Anca Matioc (@AncaMatioc), Catalyst Team Lead, The Engine Room, Mexico
  • Lisa Caripis, Research and Policy Manager for Global Mining Programme, Transparency International Australia
  • Aryanto Nugroho, Publish What You Pay Indonesia
  • Marie Lintzer (@MarieLintzer), Senior Governance Officer, Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • Waziri Adio (@Waziriadio), Nigeria EITI Secretariat

Highlights, Lessons, and Updates from the Multi-Donor Trust Fund
3:10 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Room 202, Shaw Centre

NRGI Nigeria officer Anne Chinweze (@AnneChinweze) spoke on a panel associated with this event. 

Friday, 31 May

The State of Open Data: Rebooting Open Data Interventions on the Road to 2030
noon-1:20 p.m.
Room 214, Shaw Centre

NRGI's Marie Lintzer speaks at 12:45. 

The session shared practical learning from the State of Open Data book: a collaborative review by over 60 authors look at 16 sectors, 7 regions, 7 core issues, and 7 stakeholder groups to reflect on what works for open data and how to ensure measurable impact.

  • Tim Davies (@timdavies), Co-Editor, State of Open Data
  • Nnenna Nwakanma, Interim Policy Director, World Wide Web Foundation, Cote D’Ivoire
  • Teresa Scassa, Canada Research Chair in Information Law and Policy, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Marie Lintzer (@MarieLintzer), Senior Governance Officer, Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • Sandra Elena (@sandra_elena1), Coordinator of the Open Justice Program, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Argentina
  • Jorge Florez (@j_florezh), Global Integrity, United States
  • Jamison Crowell (@JamisonCrowell), Open Data Watch, United States
Extractive Company Payment Disclosures: Increasing Openness and Accountability for How Resource Revenues Are Spent
3:10 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Room 214, Shaw Centre

Watch a replay of this session. 

NRGI Nigeria officer Anne Chinweze (@AnneChinweze) facilitated a discussion during this session on how disclosures can increase openness and accountability. 

Ottawa, Canada
North America