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#OpenGovWeek Facebook Live event: Beyond 'SMART': OGP Commitments from Paper to Results

8 May 2018 3:30PM EDT

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  • Ending 4:30PM EDT

Facebook Live will carry this event. NRGI governance officer Rob Pitman will participate. Check back for more details. 

At the 2016 Paris Summit, Open Government Partnership CEO Sanjay Pradhan challenged all OGP participants to carry out more ambitious commitments. The goal was simple: every country should have at least two completed open government commitments that would make a real difference. But how do we do it?

Join us for an insightful conversation with OGP's Independent Reporting Mechanism, the Natural Resource Governance Institute and Open Society Foundations on how to translate key transformative commitments on beneficial ownership, natural resources, and justice into tangible results.
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