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Paradox of Plenty: Natural Resource Crime in Africa

29 July 2020 9:30AM EDT

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  • Ending 10:30AM EDT

From the "resource curse" to poachers and illegal miners, natural resource crime is a problem across the African continent. What is more, the same routes used by those who exploit natural resources often also traffic in drugs, people and arms, further contributing to community and environmental devastation. As minerals, oil and wildlife are all finite, the urgency to curb natural resource crime is great.

At this webinar hosted by Global Financial Integrity, the expert panel discussed the trends, research and conditions of oil corruption, wildlife trafficking and illegal mining of gemstones and minerals on the African continent. Speakers provided case study examples of natural resource crime and corruption and explored possible solutions to curbing natural resource crime on the African continent.

Live illustration of Alexandra Gillies' opening remarks to the panel, by ThinkIllustrate.


  • Moderator: Francis Kairu, Global Financial Integrity
  • Tutu Alicante, EG Justice
  • Alexandra Gillies, Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • Alastair Nelson, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime
  • Opimbi Osore, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ)