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The Power of Data

9 October 2014 1:45PM EDT

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  • Ending 1:45PM EDT

On October 9, the Natural Resource Governance Institute hosted a panel event at which experts discussed the importance of data and how improved oil, gas and mining governance can drive development gains. Prior to the expert discussion, UK DFID’s director general for economic development David Kennedy announced a major new partnership with NRGI.

To see the Twitter conversation around the event, follow #extractivesdata.

Download Daniel Kaufmann’s data slides from the event»

The event featured a variety of perspectives on the opportunities created by (and limitations of) new and existing data about extractive industries for improved governance and for promoting transformative economic development. Specifically, panelists touched upon the importance of contract disclosure and monitoring, links to revenues and taxes paid, and how these contribute to improved understanding of public finances and money available for public investments. There was also wider discussion of how financial data is a complement to, and not a substitute for, better accountability mechanisms and improved economic management in resource-rich countries.


  • Mohammed Amin Adam, Executive Director, Africa Centre for Energy Policy
  • Judy Brown, Vice President for External Affairs, Rio Tinto
  • Daniel Kaufmann, President, NRGI
  • David Kennedy, Director General for Economic Development, UK Department for International Development
  • Sandy Stash, Group Vice President for Safety, Sustainability and External Affairs, Tullow Oil
  • Hon. Kerfalla Yansané, Minister of Mines, Republic of Guinea
Washington, DC, USA
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