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Publish What You Pay Africa Conference 2023: Towards a Collaborative and Just Energy Transition for Africa

8 June–10 June 2023

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Publish What You Pay's (PWYP) Africa Conference 2023  drew over a hundred PWYP members from across the continent on 8-9 June 2023 in Dakar, Senegal, to connect, learn and strategize together. 

NRGI was involved in two sessions:

Delivering prosperity and sustainable development through a just transition in Africa
Africa has contributed the least to climate change, but remains the most vulnerable region in the world to its impacts. African people will also suffer greatly if the energy transition does not properly consider their needs and the unique position of African countries. NRGI's Tengi George-Ikoli will join a panel discussion on what the energy transition means for Africa and how to work together to ensure it delivers prosperity and sustainable development for the continent.

Addressing Corruption in Transition Minerals in Africa
Low-income resource rich countries are the hardest hit by the global energy transition. The decisions made by their governments, both at home and abroad, will determine their energy futures and the sustainable development of their economies. In African countries where dependencies on fossil fuel revenues are especially high, governance decisions are even more critical. NRGI organized a training session for participants of the PWYP Africa Conference 2023 on the links between the energy transition, natural resource governance and corruption risks. 

Learn more about the conference on PWYP's website.

Dakar, Senegal