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Briefing Papers on Transparency and Governance for Guinean Lawmakers (In French)

  • Briefing

  • 30 January 2014

Guinea is a resource-rich country that has yet to benefit from its natural resource wealth due to a lack of responsible governance and transparency in its extractive sectors in past decades. In this fledgling democracy, parliamentarians’ legislative and oversight powers are key elements in reversing poor governance and ensuring that Guinea and its citizens benefit from their natural resources in the future. In recognition of this function, the Revenue Watch Institute provides sensitization around key issues and helps parliamentarians to understand their role in this important transition.

The Guinea-oriented parliamentary briefings available here (in French) offer overviews of five core elements of responsible and transparent natural resource governance. They introduce fiscal regimes, revenue management, state participation, contract transparency and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. Each briefing presents the relevant theory as well as practical strategies parliamentarians can adopt to pursue better resource governance in Guinea.