Alex is based in Accra and works with both the sub-Saharan Africa and legal and economic teams to advance NRGI’s Ghana program.
Alex has 17 years of experience and knowledge in accounting, finance, fiscal policy and economics. He worked as a finance officer at NHS England before teaching economics, accounting and finance modules at universities in the U.K., including Birmingham City University, the University of Coventry, the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham.
Prior to joining NRGI, Alex served as a fiscal policy specialist for Oxfam in Ghana, where he worked closely with Ghana’s Ministry of Finance providing tax and fiscal policy input to the country's annual national budget. He established the ‘Tax Strategy Team’ and the ‘CSO Budget Forum’ at Oxfam to mobilize civil society organizations (CSOs) and engage Ghana’s government in national tax policies and the country’s budget. In 2018, he founded a weekly radio and national TV show, Ghana Tax Dialogue.
Alex also worked on advancing Oxfam’s extractive sector work, producing research and analysis, annual contributions to the energy budget, and engaging policymakers on energy-related issues. Alex has presented at high-level events organized by the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, OECD and ECOWAS. He remains a key voice on the country’s tax, fiscal policy and broader economic issues.
Alex holds a Ph.D. in accounting and finance (specializing in taxation), an M.B.A. in financial management, an M.Sc. in accounting and finance, and a PGCE in business.

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