Mamadou Biteye is a well-versed professional with over 30 years of experience in capacity building across Africa and beyond. His career spans private and public sectors, including leading international development agencies. His expertise in Africa’s development sector is extensive, encompassing strategic leadership, program development and implementation, public policy analysis, advocacy and campaigning, and community participatory development. In May 2022, Biteye was appointed executive secretary of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), a testament to his leadership and capabilities. Previously, he held key positions at Visa, where he spearheaded the company’s inclusive growth initiatives globally, and at the Rockefeller Foundation, where he oversaw the foundation’s work across Africa.

Biteye's commitment to social development is evident in his work with vulnerable populations. As the managing director of the Africa regional office of the Rockefeller Foundation, he oversaw the foundation’s work across the continent, focusing on youth employment, health, philanthropy, agriculture, and food security. His leadership led to implementing impactful programs, such as the Digital Jobs Africa initiative, which provided employability training to over 160,000 youths, and the formation of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition. His dedication to supporting women is also notable, as seen in his role as Oxfam’s regional director for West Africa, where he co-designed the innovative microfinance program, “Saving for Change,” benefiting over 700,000 women in Mali and Senegal.

Mamadou Biteye holds a master's degree in agricultural economics from Ohio State University and a master’s and bachelor's in agricultural economics from the Crimean Agricultural Institute.