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Roger Vutsoro

Democratic Republic of the Congo Country Manager

Based in Kinshasa, Roger coordinates and oversees the implementation of ongoing and new activities related to mining and petroleum legal reforms, the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and increasing transparency and accountability in contracts and state-owned companies.

Prior to joining NRGI, Roger was a field manager for USAID’s integrated governance program in the DRC, implemented by DAI, where he worked on promoting transparency, accountability and revenue management in the mining sector. He previously worked as the DRC program manager for the USAID capacity building program Africa Lead, focusing on economic development related to policy reform. He has also worked as development communications officer for IFDC. Roger has experience in capacity development, program management and governance-related programs involving governments at the local, provincial and national levels in the DRC, as well as civil society organizations and local communities.

Roger holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations, with a focus on international economics, from the University of Goma. He speaks French, English and Swahili.