Tengi is based in Abuja and works on NRGI’s project “Oil Dependency in Nigeria,” which aims to imagine a future without oil. The project re-thinks oil’s role in Nigeria’s economy in light of the petroleum sector’s declining performance and the uncertainties caused by the global shift to cleaner energy.

Prior to joining NRGI, Tengi worked as the program coordinator for Nigeria Natural Resource Charter (NNRC), implementing the charter, a set of economic global best practice principles, to advance the interests of the Nigerian economy and its citizens in the management of the country’s natural resource endowments. In her role, she collaborated with stakeholders to strengthen revenue management, ensure local community benefits, promote oil and gas industry efficiency and enhance transparency and accountability in the extractive industry.

She holds a joint honors LLB in law and economics from the University of Wales, Swansea, and an LLM from the University of Bristol.