Wissem leads NRGI’s programming in Tunisia, focusing on strategy and implementation. He is a member of both the MENA and legal and economics teams. 

Before joining NRGI, Wissem worked in a number of relevant departments within the Tunisian government since 2008. He held positions at the Hydrocarbon and Mining Advisory Commissions, which provide consultation to the Ministry of Industry prior to signing licenses with international oil companies. He was also in charge of the industry portfolio, where he worked on monitoring the legality of hydrocarbon and mining permits and licenses and gained knowledge and experience on the Tunisian extractive industries sector. Besides having strong and direct relations with key actors in the hydrocarbon sector, Wissem worked closely with the Ministry of Industry on the interpretation of Article 13 of the Tunisian constitution.

Wissem holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Tunis and a master’s in administration. He has also received training on sustainable development, anticorruption and bilateral investment treaties.