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Beyond the Rhetoric

  • Briefing

  • 14 April 2005

Companies and governments in both the developed and developing worlds have made a range of commitments to transparency in the management of resource revenues. But what actual progress has been made? How does their performance rate?

Conceieved by Save the Children UK, the Measuring Transparency project has developed standards to assess the company and government performance in support of revenue transparency. The project framework tracks progress over time, and the results highlight the leaders and laggards across the sector. These measurements will be used by investors, NGOs, ratings agencies and other relevant actors to pressure companies and governments to implement effective transparency measures.

The Measuring Transparency project was developed in collaboration with investors, independendent consultants, ratings agencies and members of the Publish What You Pay coalition, including the Revenue Watch Institute.


PDFBeyond the Rhetoric (758kb)

PDFBeyond the Rhetoric: Government Requirements (799kb)


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