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DRC’s Mining Revenues: Increasing Accountability by Analyzing Payments to Governments Reports

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This report explores the payments made by ten international mining companies to Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) government entities since 2015. These payments, amounting to $2 billion, have been disclosed under European Union (EU), Canadian and United Kingdom (U.K.) laws.

DRC government agencies can use this data to report on revenues as the country’s mining code requires. Civil society actors, auditors and international partners, notably the International Monetary Fund, can also benefit from using payments data to monitor critical policy and governance issues in the DRC. These include:

  • Payment trends under the increased taxes and royalties of the 2018 mining code.
  • Significant parafiscal payments outside the mining code made especially to state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
  • Partial implementation of local development payments under the 2018 mining code.
  • Increasing fragmentation of how revenues flow from mining companies through DRC government finances. PtG reports show that 45 DRC government agencies collected revenues from 2015 to 2018, many of which were not based on the fiscal regime of the mining code.
  • Lack of transparency on the sale of mining assets by SOEs and the government, and other payments negotiated by SOEs.