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Five Steps to Disclosing Oil, Gas and Mining Contracts in Tunisia

العربية / Arabic

Disclosing contracts is one of the most important steps that Tunisia can take to promote transparency of its extractive sector. In Tunisia interest in contract disclosure has manifested itself in the advocacy positions of civil society organizations, debates in parliament and the country’s Open Government Partnership commitments. Contract transparency promotes constructive relationships between citizens, companies and governments, which can reduce conflict and promote stability in the sector. The disclosure of contracts also provides enhanced opportunities for stakeholders to monitor adherence to obligations, which encourages all parties to act responsibly in project implementation. At the same time, there are also numerous questions about how to move forward with such disclosure in practice and how to respond to several perceived risks. This note draws on both international experience and the specificities of the Tunisian context to address these questions and outline concrete steps that can be taken to promote contract transparency in a way that advances national governance objectives.