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Governing the Gemstone Sector: Considerations for Myanmar

Ongoing reforms present an unprecedented opportunity to improve management of Myanmar’s multi-billion-dollar jade and gemstone industry, and reorganization of the sector may proceed most effectively if it is informed by the experience of other gemstone-producing countries.

Based on a review of international policies and practices, Governing the Gemstone Sector: Lessons from Global Experience, this briefing highlights ten areas that Myanmar’s government might consider as priorities for Myanmar’s reform process:

  1. Develop a jade and gemstone policy.
  2. Revise the legal framework.
  3. Reform gemstone institutions.
  4. Strengthen the licensing process.
  5. Formalize citizen miners.
  6. Adjust fiscal terms.
  7. Amend the valuation process.
  8. Support domestic beneficiation.
  9. Facilitate traceability in the supply chain.
  10. Improve transparency.