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Natural Resource Governance: An In-Depth Subfield Mapping and Analysis

Since its incipient stages in the early 2000s, the field of natural resource governance (NRG) has greatly evolved and expanded, with new actors, approaches and target issues proliferating in recent years. Focusing on a core group of organizations working on NRG, this brief maps and analyzes their work with an eye to identifying and detailing areas of overlap and potential synergy to inform programming, strategy and priorities moving forward. At the organizational level, it examines how and why organizations focus their work in particular ways, the tools and strategies they deploy, and their self-perceived comparative advantages. At field level, this brief investigates the perceived collective impacts of NRG efforts thus far, emerging priority areas, and gaps across work that has been done to date. Throughout, particular attention is given to how the Revenue Watch Institute carries out its work and is situated in the field.