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NRGI's Top 10 Blogs in 2015

  • Blog post

  • 15 December 2015

NRGI’s blog received tens of thousands of unique visits this year. Below, we share the 10 most-read blog pieces of 2015. From country-specific perspectives to globally relevant policy discussions, NRGI experts offered news, insight and prescriptions over the course of the year.

Some of NRGI’s most popular work focused on governments’ lack of preparedness for the commodity downturn. A photography series depicting troubling aspects of the hydrocarbon and mining industries in Myanmar was also popular. Other blogs were more technical, offering diagnostics of open fiscal modeling and data tools to parse complicated, difficult-to-access extractives information.

1. The Miracle that Became a Debacle: Iron Ore in Sierra Leone

2. Ten Consequences of Lower Commodity Prices for Resource-Rich Countries

3. Why Weren’t Governments Better Prepared for the Commodity Price Crash

4. Following the Jade Trail: Searching for Answers Along the China-Myanmar Border

5. Extractive Industries Data Ecosystem: A Database of Available Data Tools for the Natural Resource Sector

6. Oil-Rich, Cash-Poor: From Cake to Crumbs for the Libyan State

7. Six Reasons Why Sovereign Wealth Funds Should Not Invest or Spend at Home

8. Forecasting Ghana’s Oil Revenues: What Open Fiscal Modelling Tells Us About the Budget Year Ahead

9. In the Shadow of Letpadaung: Stories from Myanmar’s Largest Copper Mine

10. Nigeria Oil Sector Reform: An Agenda for the Buhari Administration