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Risky Bet: National Oil Companies in the Energy Transition

16 February 2021 9:30AM EDT

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  • Ending 10:45AM EDT

In this webinar, NRGI experts presented the findings of groundbreaking new research. The report, Risky Bet, finds that if national oil companies follow their current course, they will invest more than $400 billion in costly oil and gas projects that will only break even if humanity exceeds its emissions targets and allows the global temperature to rise more than 2°C.

Discussants and attendees discussed the report’s conclusions in the context of a newly energized Paris Agreement, low but rising oil prices, and ongoing debates about oil supply levels.

  • Mohammed Amin Adam, member of parliament, Ghana, and former deputy minister of energy
  • Ivetta Gerasimchuk, lead, sustainable energy supplies at the International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Patrick Heller, NRGI
  • David Manley, NRGI
  • Lourdes Melgar, Baker Institute Center for Energy; NRGI governing board