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Tanzania Gas Policy Briefs Launch

28 September 2017 2:00AM EAT

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  • Ending 7:00AM EAT

Please note this event is by invitation only and will be conducted under the Chatham House Rule. Tweet not-for-attribution topline messages using  #TZgasrevenues.
Tanzania is at a crucial juncture for the future of its gas sector. The prospects for Tanzania securing investment in the game-changing LNG project will be at least partly determined in the next couple of years as its regulatory framework is negotiated and finalized. Given expectations around a large gas revenue windfall, it is also an important time for reflection on the implications for the Oil and Gas Revenues Management Act and the broader public finances.

This event will officially launch two recent NRGI policy briefs. NRGI Tanzania analyst Thomas Scurfield (@thomasscurfield) will make a presentation on Negotiating Tanzania’s Gas Future: What Matters for Investment and Government Revenues? and NRGI economic analyst David Mihalyi (@davidmihalyi) will discuss Uncertain Potential: Managing Tanzania’s Gas Revenues
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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