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Taxing to Develop: International Taxation Challenges for Africa

14 April 2019 12:30PM EDT

  • Conference

  • Ending 4:30PM EDT

Participation in the conference is by invitation only. View the full event page here

The international corporate tax architecture continues to face intense scrutiny. Questions continue to be asked about how corporate taxation systems are performing, and the ways in which the taxation of multinational enterprises might evolve.

This year’s Conference will bring the focus to Africa, and discuss key issues for them in international corporate taxation, building on the upcoming IMF paper examining the current international corporate tax architecture and possible future paths for taxing business. The Conference will also examine how current corporate taxes are working for the mining sector in African countries and the impediments to domestic resource mobilization. It will bring together a broad range of experts including NRGI senior economic analyst Thomas Lassourd, who will speak in a 3:35 p.m. panel on 14 April.

In that panel, several speakers will briefly discuss the main tax issues being faced in Africa, focusing on multinationals operating in the mining sector. The focus is on where approaches have been found that are working, and whether, for example, simplified approaches are the way forward given the capacity constraints many governments face, or more radical tax policy change needed? The floor will then be opened for Q&A.

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